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Turkic Studies

Turkology is a philological specialisation offered to students by the Department of Turkic, Mongolian and Korean Studies at the Chair of Asian Studies, Faculty of Modern Languages and Literature, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. It was initiated in 2002 as an MA programme and in 2007 restructured to three programmes, BA, MA and PhD in Turkic Studies. However, the tradition of research and teaching Turkish at Adam Mickiewicz University is not that new. A non-compulsory course of Turkish was conducted between 1982-2002 and research was done in the field of such languages as Crimean Tatar, Karaim and Kazakh. Turkic studies are supervised by Prof. Henryk Jankowski.

According to the regulations at Adam Mickiewicz University, students admitted to Turkology programmes are expected to get credits and pass exams specified at the particular programmes. However, our department offers a range of optional courses at other departments such as Arabic, Hebrew, Kurdish, Chinese and others. Turkic studies in Poznań are distinguished by the focus on a broader Turkic world, not only Turkey. This includes the language and culture of Karaims (East European Karaites), Polish Tatars, Crimean Tatars, Uzbeks, and the Kirghiz.

Although we concentrate on language and literature, the study programmes also include other areas of culture of Turkic peoples.

Our aim is to educate students fluent in Turkish and another Turkic language, now we offer a comprehensive course of Kazakh. We expect that our students would be competent experts in various aspects related to Turkic studies such as culture, religion, society and politics.

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