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About Turkish

BA in Turkish
The degree programme lasts for 3 years. The curriculum includes intensive teaching of Turkish and subjects such as Turkish history, culture and literature, Ottoman Turkish, translation, fieldwork in Turkology, Old Turkic and the comparative grammar of Turkic languages. The students are expected to achieve B2 level of language competence. In the third year of their studies, they prepare and submit a BA thesis.

MA in Turkish
The degree programme lasts for 2 years. The postgraduate students achieve C1 level of language competence. Aside from intensive Turkish, the curriculum offers literature and culture of Polish Tatars and Karaites, business Turkish, translation, and the history of Ottoman art. Both BA and MA courses in Poznań have a strong Kazakh component, which comprises an intensive teaching of Kazakh, Kazakh grammar, the culture of Central Asia, and business Kazakh.