Katedra Studiów Azjatyckich

Our Department

The Department of Asian Studies was established in 2008 after the division of the Oriental Institute, lifted by the Senate Resolution No. 191/2008. Up till 31st March 2008 the units of the Department were a part of the Institute of Oriental Studies (which was transformed in 2005 from the Department of Oriental Studies). The Department of Asian Studies employs 29 staff members who specialize in research and teaching of the Middle Eastern, Central Asian and the Far Eastern languages and cultures (namely Arabic Studies, Kurdish Studies, Hebrew and Aramaic Studies, Turkish, Mongolian and Korean Studies, Sinology) and Polish non-Christian minorities: Karaites and Tatars. Several doctoral students and over 200 students in the specialties of Arabic Studies, Hebrew and Turkish Studies and Sinology study and conduct research in four departments and three sections.


Main areas of research

  • Classical and contemporary Arabic literature, history of the Arabic language, teaching the Arabic language, Arabic lexicography, history of Islam, history and culture of the Kurds and culture of the Arab world
  • History of the Hebrew language, Hebrew and Aramaic literature after the Bible's time, the origin and transmission of the Hebrew Bible text, Aramaic and Greek translations of the Bible, modern Hebrew literature and Jewish history of Judaism, Jewish art, literature and culture of Polish and East European Karaites
  • Chinese literature and culture, comparative research of Chinese and Euro-American culture and literature, Chinese art
  • History of the Turkish language and literature, languages and culture of Central Asia, the Polish Tartars , toponymy of Crimea, the language of the Kazakhs in China, the Mongolian language and literature.