_ Zakład Hebraistyki, Arameistyki i Karaimoznawstwa


Hebrew, Aramaic and Karaite Studies Section

  • World Congres of the Hebrew Language, September 18-20, Poznań
  • Conference: Culltures in Conversation - Lesson Lernt from Hebrew Literature and Jewish History, Poznań, June 21-22

  • Conference: Jewish and Polish Common History and Cultural Heritage, March 10-11, 2008

  • Conference: Tel Aviv - Poznan: Cultures in Conversation, March 12-14, 2007
  • Karaim’s Seminar, 12 June 2007:
    • Prof. Henryk Jankowski ‘Introduction to Karaim’s Studies at Oriental Institute’
    • Mariola Abkowicz: Modern Karaims in Poland and East Europe’
    • Golda Akhiezer: Spiritual life of Eastern European Karaites in the XVI-XVII centuries
    • Golda Akhiezer: Genres of Karaite literature
    • Golda Akhiezer: The scholarly study of Karaism
  • International Congress of Society of Biblical Literature, Vienna, 23 July 2007, Poznan’s session entitled "Hebrew and Jewish Studies at Adam Mickiewicz University"
    • Piotr Zaremba: Polish Bible Translation Project: Presenting Pluriform Text to the Popular Audience
    • Henryk Jankowski: Karaite Bible Translations
    • Piotr Muchowski: Hebrew Karaite Manuscript from a Private Collection (Abk 3)
    • Witold Tyborowski: The Old Babylonian tappu, partners
  • 17 June 2007 – first doctoral thesis on Karaim’s studies at Oriental Institute of Adam Mickiewicz University: Gulajchan Akhtiewej "Eliyahu b. Yosef Qilci's Mejuma. Critical Edition of the Crimean Karaim Manuscript with Introduction, Notes, Comments and Indexes" (directed by Piotr Muchowski)